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Wake Forest

Chapel Hill

Lake Boone Trail

Holly Springs

Strickland Road

Falls River

This class is for students who are new to the sport of tumbling. Children will learn the fundamentals of tumbling and conditioning. Skills taught range from the basics of rolling and handstands to bridges, front limbers, cartwheels, bridge kick overs, round-offs, and introduction to the back handspring.

This class is for students who have understand the concept of the round-off, can perform a back handspring without a spot, and are ready to move on to round-off back handsprings and multiple back handsprings. Skills taught include consecutive back handsprings, front walk overs, front handsprings, intro to combination tumbling passes, the back tuck, aerials, and front tucks, among other skills.

This class is for students who have the skills listed in the green and blue classes and are ready to progress to front layouts, front fulls, back layouts, and other twisting skills.