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Summer Camp

Class Schedules & Registration

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Wake Forest

Chapel Hill

Lake Boone Trail

Holly Springs

Strickland Road

Falls River

We will be having a great time doing gymnastics, tumbling, playing games, going outside and much more! Children ages 4-12 are welcome and we ask that each child bring two snacks and a lunch. We can't wait for you to join us for camp!

2019 Summer Camp Theme Schedule:

June 10-14: Beach Bash- Sharks & Minnows, Classic Beach Games, Ships & Sailors, Water Balloons, Fish Fish Shark, Octopus Tag, Beach Charades, Fish Find, Cross the Ocean, Crab Soccor, Jelly Fish Jump, Frisbee Relay

June 17-21: Touchdowns & Tutu's- Mat Tag, Gymnastics Rountine, Soccor, Football Toss, Strength Challange, Hula Hoop Contest, Kickball, Ring Toss, DIY Foam Fingers, Baton Relay Races, Balance Challange, Track and Field Events

June 24-28: Lions, Tigers & Bears Oh MY!- Animal Riddles, Leap Frog Relay, Charades, Elephant Tag, Fish Find, Animal Simon Says, Jump The Snake, Animal Relay Races, Fish Tag, Animal Pictionary, 20 Questions, Rabbit Hole

July 1-5 *closed July 4th*: Party in the USA- Bean Bag Name Game, Football Toss, Kickball, Flag Tag, The Shoe Game, Chalk Drawings, Going on a Picnic, 4 Corners, Red White & Blue, USA Circle

July 8-12: On The Go Week- Transportation Tag, Relay Races, Hide & Seek, Red Light Green Light, Four Corners, Charades, Alphabet Game, Follow the Leader, Paper Planes, Hot Air Balloons, Moon Sand Recipie, Bulldozers and Builders

July 15-19: Snowflakes & Snowmen- Do you want to build a snowman, Freeze Dance, Snowball Hunt, Gingerbread House, Penguin Waddle Relay, Pin the nose on the snowman, Winter Relays, Telephone, Snowball Toss, Snowball Relay, 20 Questions, Santa Limbo

July 22-26: When I Grow Up- Firefighter Hat, Firefighters, Docorate Police Badge, What time is it Mr. Policeman, Chalk Drawings, Save the Cones, Paper Bag Skits, Strength Challange, Floss the Tooth, Square Dance, Charades

July 29 - August 2: Pirates & Princess's- Dragon Tag, Capture the Flag, Treasure Hunt, Princess Princess WITCH, Castle Run, Piarte or Princess, Flower Petal Patch, Knight in Shining Armor Olympics, Cut the Cake, Castle Building, Leap Frog Relay, Princesses & Piartes

August 5-9: Weather Week- Shadow Tag, Freeze Dance, Shaving Cream Play, Cloud Watching, Rain or Shine, 4 Corners, Rock Painting, Cloud Tag, Binoculars For Cloud Watching

August 12-16: Wacky Tacky- Slime, Paper Bag Skits, What did you pack, Hula Hoop Contest, Wacky Parachute Play, Monkey in the Middle, Obstacle Course, Headstand Competition, Shadow Tag, Hidden Talants, Giggle Belly, Water Balloons

August 19-23: Back To School- Shaving Cream Play, Bean Bag Name Game, ABC's, Family Drawing, Dance-A-Long, Sidewalk Chalk, The Shoe Game, Get Ready for School Relay Race, Get to Know you Game


Wake Forest: 7:00 AM-6:30 PM - Only $41 a day if you pre-register, $46 for walk-ins!

Chapel Hill: 8:30 AM-5:30 PM - Only $43 a day if you pre-register, $48 for walk-ins!

Lake Boone Trail: 7:30 AM-6:30 PM - Only $41 a day if you pre-register, $46 for walk-ins!

Holly Springs: 7:30 AM-6:30 PM - Only $38 a day if you pre-register, $43 for walk-ins!

Strickland Road: 7:30AM-6:30PM - Only $42 a day if you pre-register, $47 for walk-ins!

Falls River: 7:30 AM- 6:30PM - Only $42 if you pre-register, $47 for walk-ins! $5 extra for early drop-off at 7:00AM