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Preschool Classes

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Chapel Hill

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Falls River

TUMBLE BABIES (Walking to 24 months)
Start your child off right. Parent and child alike can enjoy activities only available through our specialized equipment. What fun!

TINY TUMBLERS (2 year olds)
This class is truly exciting for parent and child. Our instructors lead the class through this awesome developmental program filled with infinite exploration.

KINDER TUMBLERS (3 year olds)
A step up! Parent can participate if they like. Our instructors lead the class in creative movement, tumbling, coordination, group play and basic gymnastics.

SUPER TUMBLERS (4-5 year olds)
We love to watch kids get fit, become coordinated and more! Watch as our children learn the artistry that is gymnastics. We dedicate ourselves to becoming your child's best preschool experience.

FUN SKOOL (3-6 year olds)
*Available at our Chapel Hill location only!
A half-day preschool service for families waiting to enroll in another program, or for families who would appreciate an additional half-day of preschool. Parents can register their child for one or two days of Fun School which includes an hour of play, an hour tumbling lesson, and an hour of learning.