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Wake Forest

Chapel Hill

Lake Boone Trail

Holly Springs

Strickland Road

Falls River

The Tumble Gym is a gymnastics facility that gives kids of all ages the opportunity to experience gymnastics in a low-impact environment. We have kid-sized equipment that accommodates young athletes of all ages! We also provide parents with the ability to see and hear everything that goes on in a gymnastics class.

All of our gyms are small in size so the athletes don't feel overwhelmed or lost. The Tumble Gym is not a franchise and is proud to cater to the surrounding community; for example, if a nearby preschool wants their students to take a field trip to one of our gyms, the manager of that location can coordinate it, provided the recess time fits into their schedule.

The Tumble Gym stands for community! It is a safe place for kids to laugh and to learn through flips and fun. The instructors care for them like big brothers and sisters. Classes are non-competitive and will give our athletes the foundation needed to continue in any sport. Programs offered include: preschool gymnastics, school-aged gymnastics for girls and boys, parkour/ninja classes, tumbling classes, birthday parties, day camps, 1/2 day camps, open gym time, parents' nights out, and classes for cheerleaders!

Anthony Williams
Patrick Kranick

Regional Manager
Jennifer Nelson

Wake Forest Staff
Jenn Pacilio - Manager
Alyssa Smith - Team Coach
Isaiah Knight- Camp Counselor
Mary Harrison - Camp Counselor
Alexandra Ciampi - Coach
Bryce Davis - Coach
MasonBlue Walter - Coach
Mekayla Sheen - Coach
Nichelle Mays - Camp Counselor

Chapel Hill Staff
Becky Craig - Manager
Madi Arnold- Coach
Vivian Kaye - Coach
Melanie Giovannini - Camp Counselor
Jessica Laign - Coach
Faith Cash - Coach

Lake Boone Trail Staff
Kennedy Houze- Manager
Ty Stith - Lead Instructor
Taylor Sheppard - Instructor
Cameron Warren - Substitute Instructor
Emily Stanley - Instructor/Camp Counselor
Sharon Uyterhoeven- Instructor/Camp Counselor
Cameron Warren - Instructor/Camp Counselor
Cade Mcartor - Camp Counselor
Noah Connell - Camp Counselor
Hailey Germann - Instructor/Camp Counselor
Carie Jackson - Instructor
Kelsey Feeney- Front Desk Staff

Holly Springs Staff
Nekeya Pendarvis - Manager
Sherrika Martin - Assistant Manager
Maddie Britt - Coach/Camp Counselor
Sumaiyah Jones - Coach/Camp Counselor
Ashlyn Devisser - Coach/Camp Counselor
Jamie Abass - Coach/Camp Counselor
Lyssa McMillian - Birthday Party
Christina Verbal - Birthday Party

Strickland Road Staff
Mallory Blakely - Manager/Coach
Sierra Snider- Assistant Manager
Jasmine Driscoll - Coach
Caitlen Privette - Coach
Amberley Rhyne - Camp Counselor
Tyesha Byrd - Coach
Camilia McAllister - After School Counselor

Falls River Staff
Jillian Thornton - Manager
Makenna Golden - Coach
Rylie Howes - Camp Counselor
David Norman-Bonaparte - Coach/Camp Counselor
Lydia Banuelos - Coach
Brooke Patterson - Camp Counselor
Nichelle Mays - Funskool/Camp Counselor
Camryn Badger - Camp Counselor
Hanna Elkins - Coach